Study takes place in lessons, with the academic year divided into three study terms. Every term has a new timetable. During one term (11 weeks) a student takes 10 - 11 mandatory courses which means that the student has to focus on fewer subjects. The tenth week of every term is a preliminary examination week, during which the assessment of acquired knowledge takes place (preliminary examinations are taken in 5 subjects. During the last (11th) week, elective courses are taken.

Term division
Holidays. Each academic year has five holidays: autumn, Christmas, winter, spring, and summer holidays. Five holidays allow to spread academic load and stress more evenly and is more student and teacher friendly. There is a plan showing the division of the academic year at the bottom of the page.

The number and duration of lessons
Lessons start at 8.30 am, every lesson is 75 minutes long, 1 course = 2x75min lessons a week per term. There are 4 - 5 lessons in a regular school day. Besides your timetable lessons, there are also form teacher’s classes and a class for retaking tests (called “happy hour”). School also arranges different guest lectures, activities and meetings with people outside the school.

Sample timetable:

Course and final grades for mandatory and field of study courses are assessed on a five-point scale. Elective courses (except A1/A2 level foreign language) are marked as “pass” or “fail”.

Fields of study
In Võru State Upper Secondary School there are three fields of study: science, natural science and humanities. The field of science includes additional knowledge of mathematics, ICT, physics, technical drawing and economy. The field of natural sciences is meant for students who want extra knowledge in chemistry, biology, geography, and physics. The field of humanities includes social studies and languages, religion, philosophy, history, literature, Estonian and a level B1 foreign language (Russian/German).

Foreign languages
English is taught at B2 level, Russian and German are taught at B1. Also, if there are students interested, we teach French, German, Russian, Spanish and Finnish (at levels A1/A2).

Elective courses
At the end of every term, there is an elective course week during which students have an opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in a subject of interest. Students take one elective course for an entire week (which makes three different courses in one academic year, except for 12th grade). Elective courses are taught by the teachers of Võru State Upper Secondary School or external specialists. In 2016/2017 students had a choice between around 50 different elective courses. Students register for elective courses at the beginning of the academic year.