At the end of every course (including elective courses) the student gets a course grade. The final grade of a subject is based on all course grades of the subject. The final grade is on the secondary school graduation certificate.
The assessment is based on a five-point scale:
5 - “excellent”, 4 - “good”, 3 - “satisfactory”, 2 - “poor”, 1 - “unsatisfactory”
In the assessment of elective courses pass and fail marks are used.

The student whose marks are at least satisfactory (a pass mark for an elective course), who has passed the three state exams (Estonian, maths and a foreign language) and completed a student research or practical work, will get the secondary school graduation certificate.
Gymnasium also takes into account extracurricular studies and activities (for example music school, participation in the University of Tartu Youth Academy programs, doing sport, etc).
Two foreign languages have to be learned at upper secondary school. In three years the student has to reach respectively B1 or B2 language level in mandatory languages.