Võru State Upper Secondary School started its work on September 1, 2015. The school is located at 1 Seminari Street in the oldest building of Võru, which is under heritage protection. It was renovated and a modern student-friendly addition was built. Its cornerstone was laid on October 1, 2014.

Considering the demands, the oldest building in Võru, which is under heritage protection, was renovated and a modern, student-friendly building was added. The two buildings are connected with a three-storey glass-gallery. In addition to classrooms, there are 2 laboratory classes, a multimedia class, a library, an assembly hall, a student council room, a canteen, cloakrooms and offices. The school is well-provided with modern technology. There are 54 laptops and 36 tablets in addition to multimedia classes to conduct the studies.

All the students are offered a high-quality education with plenty of options. A student can choose between three academic fields of study: science, natural sciences and humanities. These three take into account students’ interests and prepare them for further studies. In addition, study arrangements and lessons that last for 75 minutes support it.

In addition to compulsory courses, there are several interesting elective courses that teachers and external specialists offer. Weeks of elective courses (2-3 times a school year) change the whole system into one of the most modern, fascinating and student-friendly in Estonia. In 2017/2018 students had an opportunity to choose between 50 different elective courses.

The work of Võru State Upper Secondary School is based on the common quality agreement of state upper secondary schools.

We value:
* attentiveness
* entrepreneurship (incl creativity)
* integrity
* patriotism
* scholarly pursuits